Alcohol ink on budget

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I always wanted to try alcohol ink technique but no luck finding alcohol inks in stores in Montreal.


 I ordered Alcohol Ink For Refilling POP Poster Advertising Marker on eBay.

Here is my link below to buy alcohol ink......20 times cheaper than craft store alcohol ink. 

 Budget alcohol ink replacement

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with the eBay seller

It took some time to receive my package but fortunately it works exactly like alcohol ink you would buy at a craft store. You save huge amount of money. Each color comes in 25 ml ( 0.845351 oz).

Downside only basic colors are available and you have to wait approximately 4 weeks for shipping.  


  • 25ml bottle of ink 
  • Inkwell bottle has unique shape and stopper for less mess
  • Professional quality Alcohol-based ink is permanent on most surfaces



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